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Web Application Development
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PHP Development

PHP is the most likely chosen scripting language; it plays a major role on web development since it provides various choices for the developers to create a best website.

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The most preferred database choices for web application uses MySQL database. It is open source and helps the multiple users to access a number of databases acting as a server.

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HTML 5 & CSS 3

HTML5 is used in internet applications like Flash and Java FX and also integrate video streaming into browser applications. It improvises the browsing experience of the users.

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The proprietary .NET software framework was developed by Microsoft and released in 2002, and has seen numerous updates since then. It provides a consistent object-oriented programming etc..

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Code Igniter is used to create full-featured PHP-based web sites and applications with many prominent features. Using code igniter developers can create small and middle-scale PHP application within few hours.

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Bootstrap is used for creating websites and web applications. It consists of HTML5 and CSS3 layouts for font, forms, buttons, menu navigation and all other interface mechanism, and it also contains elective JavaScript extensions.

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Ruby on Rails

A rail is a web application framework which is easy to create but has many features in it and it runs using the Ruby programming language. We can accomplish more using ruby on rail by simply writing less coding which many other languages

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Cake PHP

CakePHP is an Open Source PHP Framework it provide environment for the designers and developers to work together. It supports Model View Controller and Object Relationship Mapping Architecture. It can be developed faster using less code.

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